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SharpEnd here recommend you the following endmill manufacturers that are capable of making high precision endmills and provide them with good price. A high quality endmill is the result of well-managed R&D and constant technical improvement. Using a wear-resistant endmill, you may be able to lower the cost and increase productivity. Check the endmill manufacturers listed below who are competent to meet your various demands, and feel free to contact them in anytime.

Endmill Manufacturers

  • Ann Way Machine Tools Co., Ltd.
    Image of Endmill - Ann Way Machine Tools Co., Ltd. ANN WAY MACHINE TOOLS, founded in 1979, specializes in high quality machine tooling & accessories such as collet chucks, endmill holders, tap holders, collets, etc. All holders are precision manufactured with fine grinding and excellent concentricity for precision machining performance. To meet the requirements of advanced technology, we have new products- AHC hydraulic chuck & HSK hollow tool shank for high-speed cutting demands. To ensure timely delivery, we maintain a variety of stock including JIS, DIN, CAT and ISO.
  • Evermore Machine Co., Ltd.
    Image of Cutting Tool - Evermore Machine Co., Ltd. http://www.cnc-tool-holder.com/
    Evermore Machine Co., Ltd. introduces advanced technique to manufacture various types of tool holders, inclusive of CNC tool holder, VDI tools holder, BMT tool holder, rotary tool holder, and also tooling system and keyless drill chuck. They are always pushing ahead and improving business operations, product quality, developing new technology, and stabilizing production capacity.
  • Janpo Precision Tools Co., Ltd.
    Image of Endmill - Janpo Precision Tools Co., Ltd. http://www.cutters.com.tw/
    JANPO is a professional cutting tool supplier offering a complete range of premium carbide end mill substrates. Their product range includes Nano, Super Micro Grain, Micro Grain, and Soft Cutting End Mills. Janpo cutting tools satisfy general purpose, high hardness, high speed, and soft metal machining applications. All JANPO products meet or exceed industry standards for tolerances, quality, and customer satisfaction.
  • Shin Yain Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Image of Endmill - Shin Yain Industrial Co., Ltd. Shin Yain was established in 1979. They have three factories that specialize in manufacturing precision tool holders and accessories for lathes, milling machines and machining centers. They have over 120 kinds of products available in over 10,000 specifications. Their main product series include tool holders, boring heads, chucks, collet chucks, shrink fit systems, edge finders and measuring systems.
  • Image of End Mill 7-Leaders Corp.
    7-Leaders Corp. is specialized in production and marketing of Carbide Cutting Tools such as End Mills, Drills and Reamers, etc. since its establishment in Year 1990. Our product with trade mark "7leaders" is not only well-known in Taiwan, but also one of the leading brand in the market. In recent years, inspired by brand-new cutting concept, we've developed FX series HPC & HSC End Mills.

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